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Are you one of those people who is always looking for a source of calm and energy in the raging city? Maybe you meditate in the morning? Do you try to turn off your phone at least half an hour before you go to sleep? Relaxing tired muscles under a hot shower and applying an oil to moisturize and soothe your skin? Learn how aromatherapy can make a tangible difference in your quality of life.

What is aromatherapy?

It's an ancient healing practice and a full-fledged science, its history goes back thousands of years, and the connection between aroma, brain and emotions has long been confirmed by scientists. 

The section of the brain responsible for our sense of smell is located in the temporal lobe, and is closely connected to the limbic system of the brain, where our emotions and memories are stored. It is this connection that aromatherapy is based on: by stimulating certain parts of the brain with a special blend of oils, you can cause an instant burst of physical strength, feel more confident or calm down.

Without aromatherapy, you can - but why? 

When you're frustrated, tired, mad, or having trouble concentrating, everything just falls through the cracks. An important meeting may not go the way you expected, and instead of a cozy family evening, there may be tension and silence. You can accept that the day is not going well... Or you can begin to control your feelings and emotions. 


Aromatherapy - a safe and healthy way to regulate your condition, not to give in to the anxiety and feel life at its best.

Anna Egorova,

business director of the Wellness category in the CIS:


"Today, our day from morning to evening is a continuous stress that is 

difficult to cope with. It is important to find simple ways to maintain balance and recover. In the modern world the healing properties of aromatherapy are especially relevant - and the most important thing is that it requires no extra effort. In just a couple of minutes, you can fill a diffuser with water and add a mixture of oils - and the aromatic steam is already changing your condition."


Emotional wellness gives energy, increases concentration, increases productivity, and improves relationships with family and friends. Emotions are the engine of our thoughts and goals. Control our emotions, we control our life.

Okay, where to start?

At Oriflame we've selected the best 100% natural, high quality essential oils whose effectiveness has been confirmed by neuroscientists. That's how the Mind & Mood collection came into being-a balanced, holistic approach to emotional balance. It is based on four key points, which we called "Energy", "Confidence", "Balance" and "Relaxation". 

Mind & Mood compositions are designed to keep you energized throughout the day and maintain optimal energy levels until it's bedtime.



Fill your day with energy and power. It's time to get going!


The Energy essential oil blend energizes and boosts your mental alertness with pink pepper and grapefruit. Spicy, juicy aroma gives an instant burst of mental and physical energy, awakens positive emotions. Perfect for the morning or moments when you need to cheer up.


Mentally press the reset button and experience freedom and clarity of thought. Time to concentrate


The frankincense and cedar-based Balance blend calms, enhances perception, and helps you concentrate and experience clarity of thought again. Use when you're overwhelmed with business and anxiety.


Feel Confident. Time to unleash your potential.


The laurel and bergamot in Confidence blend has a fresh green scent that boosts the spirit, boosts creativity and confidence, and relieves stress. Inhale this fragrance before an important meeting.


Exhale and feel the excitement recede. Time to relax and unwind properly.


Relaxation oil blend relaxes the body and soothes the mind. Sandalwood and lavender, with their warm woody scent, bring complete relaxation. This blend will especially be appreciated by those who have trouble sleeping and find it difficult to disconnect from everyday worries.

The key ingredients of Mind & Mood have been tested in one of the most reliable laboratories in the world. Neurobiologists confirm that these fragrances are connected to specific areas of the brain and emotional reactions, and have been proven to have the advertised effect!

How to use essential oils?

The Mind & Mood collection is inspired by the Swedish philosophy of "lag" based on the principle of balance. We believe that aromatherapy should help without requiring extra effort - and it doesn't matter what your rhythm of life is. Whether you have an entire evening to relax or just a few seconds to open the bottle and inhale the fragrance, rest assured that the oils won't let you down.

Take a deep breath.

When you don't have time and you want a quick change of state, open the bottle with the right blend and take a deep breath. Feel your emotions shift in an instant. 

Take a shower or a bath.

Essential oils can turn an ordinary bath into a soothing and healing ritual for body and soul. Add 5 drops of a blend of essential oils to the water or spritz 2-3 drops on the shower wall or tile - enough to fill the entire room with fragrant steam.

Use a diffuser.

An option for the home and for every

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Нежное молочко бережно удаляет загрязнения без воды и защищает деликатную кожу

в области подгузника.

  • На 95% состоит из натуральных ингредиентов и содержит масло шведского овса для питания, смягчения и защиты кожи;
  • Не требует смывания;
  • Гипоаллергенная формула подходит для чувствительный кожи новорождённых. Можно использовать с первых дней жизни;
  • Не содержит отдушек, парабенов, феноксиэтанола и формальдегида;
  • Протестирован под дерматологическим контролем и одобрен педиатрами;
  • Без искусственных консервантов.

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Крем под подгузник впитывает излишнюю влагу, успокаивает и восстанавливает кожу, обеспечивая защиту, сухость и комфорт.

  • На 95% состоит из натуральных ингредиентов;
  • Легко наносится благодаря густой кремовой текстуре;
  • Гипоаллергенная формула подходит для чувствительной кожи новорождённых. Можно использовать с первых дней жизни;
  • Не содержит отдушек, парабенов, феноксиэтанола и формальдегида;
  • Протестирован под дерматологическим контролем и одобрен педиатрами.

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100% quality guarantee
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