You're a brand how to pump up your beauty-blob


Professional shots and publications according to a strict plan do not equal millions of likes and worldwide fame. Microbloggers are more trusted than million-dollar stars. Get in on the trend and start building a personal brand that will increase your income!


Ten years ago we were breathlessly leafing through magazines to find out which perfume of the new season our favorite actress is choosing. Today, the opinions of hundreds of thousands of people are influenced by people just like you and me - the only difference is that they have pumped up their personal brand in social networks and created an entire community of loyal audiences.


You can do that too! Talk about your favorite products, share tips and tricks, open up from different angles - and increase your business income by increasing trust. You don't have to have thousands of subscribers, take professional photos, and know your way around makeup like Alain Mavon. We know where to start!


Learn the basics.

Check out the pages of top beauty bloggers and write out any details that catch your eye. Interesting product layouts, humor, Stories situations, columns, hashtags: the more cool ideas you gather, the better. 


2. ...and forget it right away!

It's time to create your personal, recognizable style. Note: a popular blogger always has a role or personality trait. One knows all about skincare, another draws catwalk arrows on a whim, a third has the funniest Stories. What are your strengths, what associations do you want to evoke?


3. Make a plan.

At first, it's going to be hard to post regularly. Start with some basic planning: organize your posts by day of the week and add some sample topics. This way you can avoid big gaps - or, conversely, posting too often.


4. Just start.

"I don't know how to write interestingly."

"I'll take a course in photo processing, and thenaaaaaahhhh."

Don't put it off and just start today! The first successes will give you excitement and motivate you to grow. Taking care of your skin every morning? Just put your camera in selfie mode, record your routine and post the video to IGTV. Did your skin tone look perfect today? Take a photo and share a makeup flyhalfhack. Did a new order arrive? Shoot an unboxing and ask what your subscribers have pampered themselves with recently. It's easier than it looks. Pay attention to what posts and storis your audience loves, what topics and at what times get the most likes, comments and reactions. Use it to plan your content!


5. Participate in the #I Recommend movement.

This fall, we launched an entire movement featuring Instagram stars and our leaders - join in too! Tell us about your favourite products using the hashtag #i recommend, and you'll be a part of a huge beauty community, and your blog will be seen by everyone who reads Oriflame reviews in social networks.  

Stay in touch and follow the latest Oriflame news.


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Fast Order

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