Yes and no the rules of life with matte lipstick on the lips


It dries, it rolls off, it pulls down your lips - complain girls who could not fall in love with matte lipstick in spite of trends and social media. In fact, you just need to learn how to apply it correctly. Follow our tips and enjoy the fashion revolution in your makeup.

YES: moisturize.

Now the first step in your makeup routine is lip balm. Apply it thickly: while you do the rest, it will soak in and prepare your lips.


NO: forget about exfoliating.

A matte lipstick can accentuate all the flaking and unevenness. If your lips have become ungroomed, be sure to use a scrub before makeup. Add some sugar to honey and gently massage your lips with this mixture - or rub with a regular toothbrush.


YES: think about the look. 

An even complexion, shaped eyebrows and light sculpting are the minimum frame for matte lips, which can accentuate any imperfections and make the look sloppy. Velvety lips with a clear contour are like a luxurious evening gown. You can't do without a pout and sneakers here! 


NO: Applying lip balm underneath lipstick

A classic balm contains oils and nourishing ingredients that can dissolve lipstick. Streaks and spillages are assured! All balm residue should be removed with a tissue. If you want to add a protective layer, use a special primer.

YES: draw your contour with an applicator.

Sometimes a matte lipstick does require a brush, but not the new The ONE Lip Sensation. Use the tipped applicator right out of the box so you can get a really sharp outline even when you're using the darkest shade. 


NO: layering.

The texture of a matte lipstick only requires one thin layer. If you overdo it or coat your lips twice, it will look unnatural and may even crack. Today's clever formulas are easy to apply, like The ONE Lip Sensation's matte liquid lipstick, which gives you long-lasting coverage. 


YES: wait for it to dry.

The ONE Lip Sensation's finish goes from creamy to velvety. Don't close your lips until the lipstick is matte: that way, the coverage is even and tight.


NO: finishing off your makeup with lipstick.

After you've applied the shade, you'll have to do some more work. Put concealer on a flat brush and lightly stroke the contour to make it flawless. Add highlighter to the center of your lower lip and a tick above your upper lip, and darken the area under your lower lip a bit with bronzer to give volume.

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  • На 95% состоит из натуральных ингредиентов;
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  • Протестирован под дерматологическим контролем и одобрен педиатрами.

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