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Where do you dream of going? Let's guess: Paris, Milan, London, Maldives? We know all about typical travel destinations from programs and glossy magazines: no wonder they are the first ones that come to mind. We'll help complete the list: read about our favorite travel cities, get inspired, and act! 


If you don't mind the heat and high humidity, head to Singapore: it's perfect for a relaxing vacation. You'll feel at home in Singapore's relaxed pace, easy to navigate and with transport to check your watches. It is here that one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world is located: 74 hectares of flood meadows, rare flowers and shimmering smooth lakes are protected by UNESCO. The locals practice 10 religions, which means there are many beautiful temples here. We advise you to visit at least one - for example, Kong Man-San Kar Si Monastery, the largest Buddhist temple in Singapore. Also check out the beach, and the local cuisine is best introduced in Chinatown or in the food court of any mall.



Want sea and exotics in a milder climate? Take a diving cruise around the Cypriot coast: it can be unbelievably hot in summer, but in the fall and spring it's perfect. Quiet Larnaca, clubby Ayia Napa, cozy Paphos or metropolitan Limassol - choose a city according to your taste and the right atmosphere. What to do in Cyprus? Walk through the alleys of the old town, enjoy the clearest sea, explore the architecture, look for excavations of ancient tombs. We recommend a trip to Omodos: it is a mountain village famous for its wines. It is here that the Oriflame Golden Conference was held in 2016. 


Palma de Mallorca

Have a royal vacation! This year the stars of world show business and Spanish Royal family will have great time on Mallorca together with Oriflame top leaders during Golden Conference 2019. To-do list: admire waterfalls and exotic animals in the natural park La Reserva, take a photo "Mom, I'm on the postcard!" at Cape Formentor and walk around all the museums of modern Spanish art.


Sweden's capital is 14 islands connected by 57 bridges, a continuous aesthetic delight in architecture and design, and a quirky combination of Scandinavian dimensionality and big-city rhythm. Take a walk through the old city, take a panoramic elevator ride on the Ericcson Globe building, check out the Nobel Museum. A lifehack for activity lovers: you can rent a kayak and explore all the islands by swimming on Lake Mälaren. Stockholm has the largest concentration of art galleries: take your pick, but if time is short, we recommend starting with the largest, Moderna Museet. When you get hungry, run to any street food truck. Authentic Swedish cuisine awaits you at the Ostermalmshallen indoor market. At the 2012 Oriflame Gold Conference in Stockholm, we were honored by the Swedish Queen Sylvia - we recommend checking out the Royal Palace where she lives. 


Cape Town

South Africa's main city will amaze you with its riot of wildlife. You can walk around its center in half a day, so we advise ar

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