Why does makeup roll off?


Remember the little lint that inexorably covers your favorite cashmere sweater? The same thing sometimes happens with cosmetics on our skin - both grooming and makeup. You apply it - and it rolls off right under your fingers. Why does this happen and what can you do?

What really happens when makeup wears off?

Well, skin care products will unravel if for some reason they are not absorbed and act on each other instead of the skin. As a result, moisturizer or foundation rolls up into little gray lumps and can even fall off the skin. The situation is unpleasant, especially if you're late - because you'll have to start all over again.

What's the cause?

A lot of factors and their combinations provoke the rolling of makeup. We have highlighted the main ones:

1. Too much product

Forget the stereotype that you need to use too much cream-and then it will work. In fact, too much product won't absorb and it might fade. All you need is a couple of small peas! Also look at the texture of the product - is it too heavy and thick for your skin type?

What's the right way to do it? 

Use less product and switch to a lighter texture that works for your skin type and absorbs completely.

2. The rush

When using a holistic treatment, it's important to let each product soak in before moving on to the next. If you apply your cream while your face is still wet from the serum or essence, both layers will roll off.

What's the right way to do it?

Pause between products of the routine and make sure each is fully absorbed. In the pauses, do other steps: for example, brush your teeth or style your hair after moisturizing and only then move on to foundation.

Lack of exfoliation. 

If peels and scrubs are neglected, care and makeup will steadily roll off. The dead cells on the surface of the skin do not absorb the products and beneficial substances in their composition.

How to do it right.

Regularly incorporate exfoliation into your skin care ritual to boost cell renewal. It's especially important during the cold season, when even normal skin suffers from dryness and flaking. We love the NovAge peel, which gently stimulates skin renewal and returns radiance.


4. Incompatible products

Sometimes the same product properties make us either love it or suffer from it. For example, take silicones - as part of a primer or foundation, they can prevent moisture loss and even out skin texture. Unfortunately, it also means that if you apply such a toner or primer on top of a moisturizer that contains silicones, the products will react with each other and will roll off.

What's the right way to do it?

Don't layer products that contain silicones. Pay attention to the composition of your moisturizer and foundation, and look for ingredients with -thicone.

5. Incorrect application order

From high school chemistry, we remember that oil and water do not mix. This rule is also true for water-based and oil-based moisturizers. Always start with the former, they are the easiest to absorb, and oil-based products should be the last. If you do the opposite, the oily texture will create a protective film on your skin's surface and prevent the water-based products from absorbing.

What's the right way?

Follow the order of application strictly and read the formulas carefully.

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