What to get for March 8 in 2020?


Her day is her rules. Make breakfast in bed, make plans for the evening - and give her what she dreams of most. And we'll help make the right choice!

For the mysterious, sensual and luxurious

You've known her for a long time, but she's still a mystery to you. Her sensual beauty reveals itself more and more with the years - a real rare flower! Amber Elixir Mystery is a luxurious fragrance based on the red lily, which symbolizes the power, passion and authority in many parts of the world. The fragrance of red lily is more sweet and spicy, without any bitter notes. In Amber Elixir Mystery it is enriched with citrus, vanilla and amber.



For someone who celebrates every day.

You can listen to her stories for hours, and it's hard to say what captivates more - the plot twists or the smile on her beautiful lips. Every girl needs a lipstick - or better yet, ten, for every mood and dress. We recommend the new Giordani Gold Iconic matte lipstick with its silky texture and luscious shades. Its formula with natural oils and extracts will take care of your skin right after application and while the lipstick stays on your lips. And no dryness!



For someone who wants to be bright from dusk till dawn

You never know what look she'll choose today. Whether she's a retro diva, a rock star or a strict businesswoman, she knows how to be different, but her eyes always sparkle with happiness. The ONE Eyeshadow Palette has everything for a makeover. Choose from orange, plum, rose, or latte new shades and you're sure to hit the target.



For the caring one.

She remembers birthdays, dates for school tests and paying bills, and surrounds the whole family with invisible care every day. She needs a gift that will take care of her - and you won't find a better Wellness product than this. Our choice is Nutricomplex for hair and nails or Sea Calcium and Vitamin D complex. 



For the one who shines with happiness

Time has no power over her beauty and wrinkles are just a memory of happy moments, smiles and ringing laughter. You know her secret, and it's easy to guess her gift. Give any product to complement her favorite NovAge complex care: a two-phase peeling for skin renewal, concentrated cream-sculptor for neck and décolleté or a novelty - cleansing oil for washing, which removes any impurities and even waterproof makeup.



For the romantic lady

As light and delicate as the first spring flowers, she knows how to dream and inspire others. Women's Collection fragrances and Delicate Cherry Blossom gift set will emphasize her delicate creative nature.



For someone who is always on her wavelength.

Her silky curls confuse your thoughts, and it's easy to forget what you were going to say. Gorgeous hair isn't just pride, it's a lot of work. You need state-of-the-art products based on precious oils to help keep it beautiful. Check out Eleo's nourishing, revitalizing, and nighttime oils. All that's left is the packaging!


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Это бодрящее средство для волос и тела с фруктовым ароматом поможет самым маленьким членам семьи вкусно пахнуть и быть чистыми до скрипа! Насыщенный сочным органическим экстрактом яблока, богатым антиоксидантными свойствами, шампунь помогает мягко защитить и освежить нежную кожу и волосы ребенка. Специальная формула без мыла, без слёз и со сбалансированным pH. Кроме того, шампунь дерматологически протестирован и биоразлагаем. Не содержит парабенов и силиконов. Итак, пусть начнётся пенное веселье!

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Ухаживающее масло разработано для питания и защиты детской кожи.

? На 95% состоит из натуральных ингредиентов и содержит масло шведского овса для восстановления и укрепления кожного барьера;

? Быстро впитывается;

? Без искусственных консервантов;

? Подходит для ухода за кожей мамы — делает растяжки менее заметными;

? Гипоаллергенная формула подходит для новорождённых и людей с чувствительной кожей;

? Не содержит отдушек, парабенов, феноксиэтанола и формальдегида;

? Протестировано под дерматологическим контролем и одобрено педиатрами.

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В наших эфирных маслах используются высококачественные, на 100% натуральные ингредиенты, которые добываются со всей ответственностью и без вреда для окружающей среды.

Ключевые ингредиенты: Сандал и лавандин.

Аромат: древесный, цветочный, тёплый

Участок мозга: Ключевые ингредиенты воздействуют на варолиев мост и бледный шар, помогая расслабиться и полноценно отдохнуть. Идеально для тех, у кого есть проблемы со сном и кому трудно отключиться от повседневных забот.

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