Weekend in Paris 7 ideas for two


What can you do for a weekend in the most romantic city in the world? Read our guide and make your weekend plans!

Simply get together and go to Paris with Oriflame! Try the new Eclatamour or EclatToujours fragrance and get a chance to win a weekend trip to Paris for two and other prizes. Find detailed terms here, and we've prepared a guide to the most romantic city in the world. What's a must-do?


Dine with a view of the Eiffel Tower 

Every year several million tourists climb the Eiffel Tower. The panorama of the city is breathtaking, but the process itself takes too long and ruins all the romance. Tiresome lines wait everywhere, from the ticket booths to the stairs and elevators to each floor. And on the way down, too! Much better to enjoy a romantic view of the main symbol of the year itself. Book a table at one of the restaurants to admire the illumination of the tower all evening. For example, Les Ombres on the roof of the Museum of Ancient Civilizations. 


Take a walk on the island of Cité


Place des Ver Gallants, Place du Dauphin, the flower market, the Château de la Conciergerie, the Gothic chapel and of course the famous Notre Dame - Cité is worth going to for the medieval architecture and atmosphere of the oldest part of Paris.




See the masterpieces of the world's largest museum


Yes, the line is huge and the ticket isn't cheap - but leaving Paris without visiting the Louvre is simply impossible! Keep the tips: to avoid spending an entire day at the museum alone, buy your ticket online and plan your trek. Just decide which paintings or sculptures you want to see exactly, and find them on the museum hall plan in advance.




Try the macaroons.


France and Italy are still vying for the title of homeland of these delicate cakes made of almonds, sugar and egg whites - but everyone absolutely agrees that they have become one of the gastronomic symbols of Paris! For the original recipe, head to Ladurée and enjoy on the spot: macaroons can get stale on the way to Russia.




Stroll through atmospheric alleyways


Paris is rich in unusual little streets that will amaze you as much as the sights from the postcard. Take a romantic photo at the famous Wall of Love in the square of Jean Richetus in Montmartre: the facade of one of the houses is decorated with the phrase "I love you" in 250 languages. On the Rue Abbrevoir was filmed the movie "Amelie", the street Cote fish is the narrowest in Paris (1.8 m wide), and the picturesque Kremier will amaze you with colorful houses.




Relax in a royal way


The Tuileries Garden began to be laid out in 1564 on the orders of Catherine de Medici herself, and now the once royal garden for walks is available to all Parisians. Take time out to stroll leisurely, see the collection of sculptures and relax by the main pool.




Go shopping


No more souvenirs - let the clothes and accessories remind you of your trip and add Parisian glamour to your style. Budget-wise, luxury brands await you at Lafayette and Printemps, budget brands nearby, vintage brands in the Marais and on Boulevard Saint Germain.

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