Top 10 women's fragrances according to readers


We've studied the customer reviews on the site and selected the fragrances that have gathered the most reviews and received the highest ratings. Hurry and see if your favorite is among them!


10. Women's Collection Innocent White Lilac Eau de toilette 

The composition captures the time when spring replaces summer and lilacs bloom in the streets. Thin and delicate fragrance is woven into the cool - or, conversely, warmed by the first summer sun. White lilacs heart is framed by the freshness of green leaves and velvety woody trail. The fragrance is like a reminiscence of a walk in a blooming garden. 


Belly: "I love lilacs!!! The fragrance of this perfume reminds me of the very lilac bushes that bloom every spring in May outside my window and fill the whole house with their freshness. And now you can enjoy this fragrance now."


9. Lucia Bright Aura eau de toilette 

The mistress of this fragrance has a lighthearted nature and a good heart, she loves life and inspires people, always finds a reason to rejoice and knows how to dream. Lucia Bright Aura - it's bright, cheerful freshness, which cheers you up from the first breath. Gentle, sparkling, sunny scent. Just perfect for a relaxed day when you put on a light dress or jeans and a T-shirt - and spend it just the way you want. Notes of forget-me-not, white currant and cedar embody the power of femininity and energize.


Lyudmila Vladimirovna Sidorenko writes: "...And this is love from the first breath: gentle light, fresh and so tasty because of the fruity notes... With this fragrance you want to dance, love, dream!"


8. Giordani Gold Essenza Perfume Water 

This is an expensive fragrance for a woman who knows her worth. Fresh to a degree, sweet to a degree, with a slight bitterness. Refined. Very rich, full-bodied, complex. While we are sipping sweetly in bed, the woman who wears it has already put on her favorite shirt and is rushing to a business breakfast. After a busy day, she is expected at the trendiest party in town, and in the evening she puts on a cashmere sweater, pours a cup of tea, and immerses herself in her dreams. Everything she's wished for will come true, because she's walking toward her goal every day.


The floral and woody composition of the fragrance is built around Oriflame's patented Essenza® note based on the highest quality fleur d'orange essential oil. 

According to Edelweiss, "Fleurdorange is exactly the note that always makes a perfume win-win. And in combination with bergamot, which to me gives a certain spiciness and freshness, becomes something unforgettable. The woody notes only enhance the effect.




7. Sunkiss Garden Eau de Toilette 

It's a lazy Sunday, so why not get out to the park? You spread a plaid among the flowering trees, take out your favorite book and immerse yourself in incredible stories, they capture you and transport you to distant lands. Light and fresh breeze blows on your shoulders, the aroma of ripe fruit comes from the basket, and somewhere in the distance the fountain murmurs. Like when you were a child, on vacation, when there is no need to rush anywhere - there is only you and your imagination. The dreamy mood of this morning is always with you in a bottle of Sunkiss Garden.


Dina777: "My favorite citrus notes, floral and a nice tartness-bitter, like grapefruit, for example. Very refreshing, energizing and happy all day long! I can't get enough of it!


6. Amber Elixir Crystal Perfume Water

This fragrance has the same base as your favorite Amber Elixir, but the beginning is different - fresh, inviting and mysterious. The perfumer really managed to recreate the moment of an evening stroll in the resort town. The cool waves beat against the rocks, your dress is fluttering in the salty, tart wind, a bouquet and a vase of fruits are on the veranda of a seaside cafe: the intoxicating aroma of flowers and juicy citrus fruits warmed by the scorching sun is in the air. A carefree dream of eternal summer, which always stays inside. 


Oktys: "Sweet fragrance at first, then fresh. It's impossible to tear yourself away. I have associations with the sea or the ocean. I can't smell it on myself, but people around me are always sniffing and asking what kind of delicious perfume it is.


5. Love Potion Perfume Water 

Fatal sweetness, female temptation. She feels the taste for life, easily chooses what she needs, and never agrees to less. One look and the whole world revolves around her, fulfilling any whim. It is so hard to resist her, and there is no reason to: she will open new, wonderful facets of the sensual world and will wrap you with her fragrance with notes of spicy ginger, cocoa blossoms and chocolate.


Mikaela: "This is a real love potion, just as the name promises! Alluring, mysterious and at the same time incredibly passionate scent! My favorite man goes crazy from it. And it seems he is not alone.




4. On the Edge Eau de Toilette 

Today will be your way. An important meeting? The date everything depends on? Wear On the Edge with its confident leathery undertones to make a statement and boost self-confidence. Add the perfect finishing touch: a business suit with a pink shirt, a leather jacket with a soft fabric skirt, a simple hairstyle and a casual look... 

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? На 95% состоит из натуральных ингредиентов и содержит масло шведского овса для питания, смягчения и защиты;

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