Three Families, Three Holidays


New Year is a magical time when families unite, meet a new stage of life together, fulfill dreams and become closer. We asked three Oriflame leaders how they plan to celebrate the year 2020 - read the interview and feel the New Year mood!


What New Year's traditions do you have in your family?

New Year is a family holiday, so our favorite tradition is to get together, as a big family, and go to our home town Vereya, to visit our parents. At night we necessarily go to the big Christmas tree: since the town is small, everyone knows each other, this is the place to meet acquaintances and friends. There is a warm atmosphere, with accordions and round dances. Last year we broke away from this tradition and went to the United States. We went to Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and met the New Year in the luxurious and incredible Las Vegas. It was very unusual, fabulous, spectacular, and impossible to forget the New Year's fireworks over Las Vegas!


How are you planning to celebrate the new year 2020?

This year we decided to develop our business, so we are going to spend the New Year at home with our families and devote the vacations to work. We will launch a very powerful project for the team from December 26 to January 10: our leaders will have a big training and reboot.


Who do you have a hard time choosing a gift for?

My beloved husband. What to get the man who has everything in life? I love and appreciate him very much and I also know his weakness. He has fallen in love with NovAge Men's Complete Care since it first appeared and he will definitely love this gift.


What are your family members' dreams this year that will come true?

Last year I made my daughter's dream come true and gave her a trip to Korea. 

And this year on New Year's Day, we will be giving her the gift she needs most right now - extra time. In 2019, my daughter made the decision to join our business and in 6 months she opened a Director's qualification. She really needs the time and we chose a robotic vacuum cleaner that will allow her to stay focused on cleaning and growing her business. I gave her the most important thing: a ready-to-operate business system that will provide her future family with high incomes and top-notch travel.




What is a perfect new year for you: relaxed or active?

I really like the tradition of a sober and active new year, going to the gym on January 1 or 2. This year we're going with a team to the campground for three days, we're going to get pumped up, socialize, hang out. We'll definitely get together with our sponsors. We'll spend the vacations in communication, meetings. I myself plan to spend the New Year in my new apartment. We bought it with the money we earned from Oriflame, made a designer remodeling and for the new year we invited the management team to our place. 




How do you plan to celebrate the new year 2020?

At the new year we gather all the family, only the closest people - myself, my husband, my children and my mom and dad - and we celebrate the holiday together. This New Year will be no exception: we will get together again, but we have a pleasant event ahead of us. We're finishing up the house, and right before New Year's Eve we're planning to move in. So we are going to celebrate it with our beloved family, but already in the new house.



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