Three classic looks for men by Roman Snow White


The Eclat line includes a premium fragrance for men, Eclat Style, a true embodiment of French elegance. Oriflame's official stylist tells you how to create images in classic style for all occasions and complete with the right details - including fragrance.


Classic style suits strong men who want to look confident and respectable, instantly credible and make the right impression. In the business world, this is the number one style, and even if it is not close to you in everyday life, there should be several images on hand for special occasions.


We hear "classic," we imagine strict cuts, a shirt buttoned up to the last button, and the invariable tie. And yes and no! Initially, this style really was more restrained, but over time it moved away from the usual understanding - for the classic suits began to use the original fabrics, shoes were replaced by sneakers, and the resulting image diluted with fashion accessories.


A well cut suit and shirt is the basis of the classic style. Typically pants and jacket are sewn from the same fabric - usually wool - and contain the same generally accepted cutting elements: for example, lapels, chest pockets, bottom pockets. In design they can vary and adjust to fashion trends. For example, at one time single-breasted suits with a fitted sports silhouette, narrow lapels and leaf pockets were popular on the podium, and then gave way to more loose double-breasted variants with wide lapels and big flap pockets.


Shirts for business suits are usually in monochrome, usually in shades of white and blue. Classical patterns such as herringbone, check and stripes are acceptable. Pay attention: for a strict suit the shirt should have a hard collar, which keeps its shape, but in casual style a softer collar is acceptable.


I've gathered for you three variants of classic looks: for every day, for negotiations with business partners and gala-events.





The key element of the image is a jacket made of thick wool of a basic blue shade with a hand-stitched buttonhole on the lapel. Easy to pair with pants in other shades and jeans. 



Laconic tartan-type plaid suit with a wide Italian lapel and an extra ticket pocket. Elegant and beautiful! The second option is a monochrome wool suit with an English lapel, complete with a tie and a breastplate.





In the first option, a simple white shirt emphasizes a checkered jacket and pants, selected in the tone of the jacket. Want even more effect? Choose a velvet jacket and complement it with a white shirt and a bowtie. Such a combination can be worn even with jeans, and now it is very fashionable to combine elegance and casual. The main thing is that the jeans should be monochrome, without any decorative elements, and on your feet - classic shoes. 


In different countries, the approach to the classic style is different. For example, in France, men like variety and experimentation. On the streets of Paris, it is easy to meet dandies who prefer bright colors, unusual textures in fabrics, non-standard blazers, complemented by "salt and pepper" texture pants. The French classic's signature scarf. Men masterfully combine it with the suit and even use it as the central accent of the whole image.


For a classic style there are no details. You need to think about not only the clothes themselves, but also the hair, accessories and even the right perfume. You need something refined and unique - like the new Eclat Style perfume. At the center of the composition is De Laire Sellier chord based on white iris and leather, created by master perfumers Emily Kopperman and Alenore Massenet. Grapefruit and vetiver complements the sound of the fragrance. A true epitome of Parisian style!




The ideal moment to apply the fragrance is right after your shower, on wet skin and hair. This way the fragrance lasts longer. And don't forget the pulse points which can help to intensify the scent's intensity: your neck and the area behind your ears.

Stay in touch and stay tuned for the latest Oriflame news.


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Нежное молочко бережно удаляет загрязнения без воды и защищает деликатную кожу

в области подгузника.

  • На 95% состоит из натуральных ингредиентов и содержит масло шведского овса для питания, смягчения и защиты кожи;
  • Не требует смывания;
  • Гипоаллергенная формула подходит для чувствительный кожи новорождённых. Можно использовать с первых дней жизни;
  • Не содержит отдушек, парабенов, феноксиэтанола и формальдегида;
  • Протестирован под дерматологическим контролем и одобрен педиатрами;
  • Без искусственных консервантов.

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Ухаживающее масло разработано для питания и защиты детской кожи.

? На 95% состоит из натуральных ингредиентов и содержит масло шведского овса для восстановления и укрепления кожного барьера;

? Быстро впитывается;

? Без искусственных консервантов;

? Подходит для ухода за кожей мамы — делает растяжки менее заметными;

? Гипоаллергенная формула подходит для новорождённых и людей с чувствительной кожей;

? Не содержит отдушек, парабенов, феноксиэтанола и формальдегида;

? Протестировано под дерматологическим контролем и одобрено педиатрами.

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Нежный гель с формулой «без слёз» бережно очищает, питает и смягчает кожу тела и волосы новорождённого.

? На 95% состоит из натуральных ингредиентов и содержит масло шведского овса для питания, смягчения и защиты;

? Гипоаллергенная формула подходит для новорождённых и людей с чувствительной кожей;

? Не содержит отдушек, парабенов, феноксиэтанола и формальдегида, безсульфатный;

? Протестирован под дерматологическим контролем и одобрен педиатрами.

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