The Perfect Couple Romance in Wellness Style


How to build a strong family and successful business, stay in love like on the first day and take care of each other? Oriflame's business partners share their stories in honor of Valentine's Day!


Tell us, how did you two meet?


Alena: Ivan and I met at a mutual friend's place and almost immediately I realized that this was my man. 



Ivan had all the qualities of a real man in my eyes: 

reliable, humble, honest, kind and with a sense of humor. 


I became a partner of Oriflame even before I met Ivan, as a law student. A few months later he asked me to tell him about the business in more detail. At that time he was tired of working for hire, and very soon we began to develop together. 


Ivan: Already in the first year we began to earn six-figure sums, and after 7 years we have closed all the basic needs for income in Oriflame. We paid off the credit we took for our wedding, got a car under the car program, discovered 20 countries, changed 30 sq. m. to 300 sq. m., bought 5 commercial and residential real estate objects.




How do you manage to find a balance between business and family?


Alena: Oriflame is a perfect tool for a harmonious life. As a beginner, even then I realized it. I didn't want to earn much at the cost of my family, relationships or losing myself, when I have everything, but nothing pleases me anymore - I have no taste in life, my eyes are empty. 


I set a goal not only to earn decent money, but also to develop as a person, to work on relationships so that every day was better than the previous one, and to enjoy every moment.



What is the secret of harmonious relationships?

Ivan: Our main secret is to respect each other, support and pay attention to each other's pluses, not minuses. 



Alyona: Often Ivan copes with conflicts before they arise. As a real man, he knows how to calm my female emotions, which often have nothing to do with reality, and put everything in order by negotiation.



What helps you to keep an active rhythm?

Alena: Our everyday life with two children is very busy: school, sections, training. Active, healthy lifestyle helps to maintain the Wellness line. Our elder son adores smoothies before school and vitamins, and after his tennis practice he prefers bars. My youngest, who still has four teeth, gets Omega-3 for kids with his breakfast cereal.


I am grateful for the Multivitamins and Minerals and Nutricomplex for healthy, thick, long hair. We are constantly getting tests to monitor our vitals, and for 10 years Wellness has been our main helper in this endeavor.




How did you two meet?

Glusa: It happened in 2004. I'm a yesterday's university graduate, I came to apply for a job in an energy company. Rustem was already working there. 


I remember I went to the director's office for an interview, walked into the building, and the first person I met was Rustem. I looked at him, and my first thought was, "Wow, what good-looking young people work here!" And I asked him, "Where can I find the director?" And he answered me so sternly, "We don't have a director, we have a general manager!" It just so happened that I started working in his department. 




Was it love at first sight? How did you know that he or she was the one?

At what point in your story did Oriflame come into play?

When my daughter was 10 months old I wanted to 

I didn't just want to stay at home, I wanted to develop.


I was on the lookout for an occupation that could be combined with maternity leave. I accidentally came across a page of Lyasan Daminova on Instagram, and I saw that she was a mommy on maternity leave just like me, and she was developing her business at the same time. I watched her for a couple of months, wrote to her, found out more details and decided to give it a try.


I remember my husband came home from work in the evening and I said to him, "I started a business!" Rustem knew that I was on the prowl, and he was very supportive. Especially at the start, when things didn't work out right away: mentally, help with the kids and around the house. About a year later, when I closed three titles and received awards, we formed a family room and began to develop together.




How does your typical day go?


Rustem: We like strawberry cocktail very much, we constantly take a complex "Multivitamins and Minerals", I additionally take calcium, and Gluza - Aqua Glow. Omega-3 and vitamins are on the children's immune system. Then we sit down to work, completely online: calls, newcomer launches, coordination, planning sessions. Our partners live all over Russia. After school and kindergarten the girls have sections and classes. They are both engaged in ballroom dancing, the younger one goes to the swimming pool, the older one takes English classes. Such a typical weekday for online entrepreneurs!



What do you dream about together?

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