The most unusual project


On the set of a special edition of the Beauty Book in Warsaw, we met actress Irina Gorbacheva and talked about age stereotypes, integrity of character and real beauty. And of course, about the anti-casting project.

Irina, you starred in the Anticasting project commercial, gave a big interview for the beauty book, and wrote about the campaign on social media. How was the project received by your Instagram audience?

Positive, because this project is about people, not just beauty. It tells stories about people's lives. After all, what is anti-casting? Every day we're trying to conform to something, to make someone like us. It's social media time. Meanwhile, there are people for whom this world doesn't matter. The way of life they lead makes others happy, admire them and want to emulate them. And the project "Anticasting" speaks about such people-individuals. And to me, that is what is true. The fact that people nominate each other is also a very interesting story. I'm sure it's a big celebration and a big surprise for all the characters. 



Do you think Oriflame managed to get the main message of the campaign? 

This is a story with a continuation, it is not over yet. First the TV commercials, then the nominations, the shooting in Warsaw - now even more people will see it, even more people will understand why these stories are so important. People would come up to me and say, "Ira, how cool and great this is. It's great that you took it and did it. And I'm happy that I had something to do with it. 



Which of the images you created in the video "Anticasting" did you like the most and why? 

It is, of course, the lady of advanced age. Because it was the first time I had plastic makeup for this role. I dreamt about it a little bit, but I certainly didn't expect to play such a role in a commercial. It's very interesting. Of course, it was also interesting to embody the image of a man. 


Our campaign is wrapping up with the release of the anti-casting book. It will be a limited edition in March and will reflect our view of true beauty. What do you think of the book shoot? 

It's a big celebration and a big surprise for the participants that they want to be told about, admired and loved. A lot of girls and women want to be in front of the camera lens: you get your hair and makeup done, and there's such an atmosphere of post-Christmas happiness all around you. It's very interesting to see how it all turns out. This is the most unusual project in which I participate. 

I was also struck by how different the participants are! Perhaps beauty has no age or gender, it doesn't matter if we're talking about women or men. I really hope that for many, this photo shoot will be a stimulus to show feelings and emotions, not to hide your love for the people you admire. 



A lot of people who have been nominated for anti-casting have been very surprised by the nomination. Why is that? 

Usually people don't think about admiring someone, they just live. It's commonplace for them. And that ordinariness for others can constitute real value, an example to follow. Of course, this is shocking.

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