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Did you know that shampoo comes in hard? Get ready to discover a new hair care product. If you think hard shampoo is just a regular soap for your hair, it's time to say goodbye to that misconception.

In 2018, the solid shampoo market totaled 10.2 million, and it's easy to see why it continues to grow. Many people want to make their daily care more eco-friendly, and solid shampoo meets this requirement of the beauty industry (including Oriflame) - it can be packaged without plastic. 


Every year, about 8 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean. A chain of garbage bags with all that plastic can circle the world's coastline five times!


Solid shampoo is a great first step in the fight against household plastic. And now we're going to try to answer the most common questions about this product. 


What is a solid shampoo?


It's a shampoo in a solid bar format, a more environmentally friendly alternative to its liquid counterparts. Because of the compact size it needs smaller packaging, often paper - no plastic! Solid shampoo consists of condensed ingredients, so it's more economical. And as we all know, economy is the first step in saving the environment. 

 Why is solid shampoo more environmentally friendly? 


First, because of the packaging. Because shampoo is solid, it is often packed not in plastic, but in cardboard, which is much easier to recycle. And the cardboard does not need much, because the bar is small in size. 


In addition, solid shampoo is more economical than liquid shampoo because of the format. One bar replaces two 250 ml bottles of liquid shampoo, which means you can use it twice as long.  By choosing solid shampoo over liquid, you save time (including the trip to the store), money and also consume less plastic. 


Solid shampoo has a biodegradable formula and consists solely of natural ingredients. That is, there is no waste, and also reduces the consumption of water, because it takes more to produce liquid shampoo. And we all know how precious the water resource is today - every drop counts.


Love Nature by Oriflame contains only natural ingredients. They are free of silicones and parabens, and 50% recycled plastic is used for their packaging. Our Avocado Oil and Chamomile Solid Shampoo is another step towards eco-friendly living.

How do I use the solid shampoo? 


The same way you would use regular shampoo: rub the bar in your wet palms until it forms foam and gently massage it onto your scalp. It may sound unfamiliar, but try it and you'll find it just as convenient as pouring shampoo. 


Do I use conditioner after the hard shampoo? 


Yes, because a solid shampoo is the same as a liquid shampoo. Sure, it restores dry and damaged hair, but for best results we recommend using Love Nature conditioner. The two products are a great match for each other. 


Who is a solid shampoo for? 

Hard shampoo is suitable for everyone who not only cares about their hair, but also wants to make our planet a little better. The product is ideal for travelers: it is economical and will not spill in your suitcase. 

Oriflame Love Nature Deep Shampoo with Avocado Oil and Chamomile contains no silicones or parabens. It's made with natural avocado oil to nourish and restore hair, and most importantly, no plastic in the packaging! Enjoy the softness of your hair and take care of it with nature's care.




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