The amazing oud 5 facts about the most fashionable perfume note


In the world of perfumery, oud is one of the most expensive and ambiguous ingredients: it is either loved or hated. We decided to find out what it is. 


Oud is mentioned in the Quran and the Old Testament, the tales of Sinbad, and in Ayurveda recipes. Buddhists used it as a meditation perfume; in China, oud was considered a cure for many ailments; and in the Arab world, oud has always been a symbol of wealth and well-being (it was therefore often worn by men). Until the 2000s, a perfume with woody and balsamic notes was more like a medicine than a fragrance. That all changed in 2002 when Tom Ford, then working for Yves Saint Laurent, released the first commercially available oud M7. But for a market dominated by floral fragrances, it was a bit of a gamble, and the launch was a failure. Ford tried again in 2007, making the composition simpler. In the same year, Pierre Montal, who had worked on private commissions from sheikhs, decided to launch a similar fragrance, but for the general public. The result - in both cases, amazing success, cult status and big sales. In 2017, oud fragrances are fashionable again. 





Oud wood is extracted from the agar tree (Aquilaria), which grows in Southwest Asia. The valuable oil is obtained when the tree is attacked by the fungus Phaeoacremonium parasitica (this does not happen often). The diseased tree secretes a special resin. From the inside, the trunk is soaked in thick, dark, fragrant resin to fight the infection - a process that takes over 60 years and depends on the year and where the tree grows. Why is oud a rare ingredient? Because only 12ml of valuable oil is obtained from 20kg of wood. 


Oud is the only ingredient which is always put in the name of a perfume. It comes from agarwood oil, which, according to the International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, costs upwards of $30,000 a liter. A real luxury! 


"Oud is an amazingly rare ingredient," says Chandler Burr, a former New York Times perfume critic. "It's like an emperor among perfume notes: no other ingredient has that combination." Animal and pungent, deep, multifaceted and alluring - the sound of oud depends on fellow composers. 





Yes, there are two: warm and mysterious Mysterial Oud for her and uncompromising and exquisite Intense Oud for him. The heart of new Women's & Men's Collection fragrances is the precious note of oud. Rose oil, clove and saffron surround it in women's composition, while in men's composition - grapefruit, vetiver and rosewood. By the way, oud is considered a unisex ingredient and can suit both men and women. So don't let stereotypes limit your mood!

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