The age of your skin what won't the mirror tell you?


Between 20 and 30 your skin looks youthful and firm, and minor imperfections and signs of fatigue can easily be concealed with makeup - do you agree? Take your time to answer and read our article. There are processes you can't see in the mirror.  Your skin is already aging - even if you don't know it yet.

The domino effect

Bad environment, sleepless nights, bad habits like smoking, partying and stressful work - while we are young, the energy is limitless. We enjoy life, go back to work after partying till morning and it seems like there are no consequences - but our skin doesn't think so. Stress accumulates and gives the first fruits, even if they are not yet visible in the mirror.

Yes, we can't stop time...

...but we have more of an influence on our skin's health and beauty than we realize! When it comes to genetics, our hands are tied-but studies show that the outward signs of aging skin are 80% influenced by our daily choices. Avoiding the active sun, eating a balanced diet and taking care of your skin - the simplest steps are needed to keep your skin looking young for as long as possible.

The earlier you take care of your skin, the longer it will stay young

Taking care of your skin on a daily basis from a young age is an important investment in your future without losing tone and wrinkles. How you care for your skin today will determine how quickly you'll show the first signs of ageing. And it's not hard at all! The NovAge Skinergise Total Care Package takes just two minutes to complete in the morning and before bedtime. Add it to your busy schedule and you'll get into a routine that's just as easy to follow as you are to get those essential nutrients right every day.

The NovAge Skinergise Complex Care gives your skin energy and radiance, effectively protecting

against harsh environmental conditions and premature aging.

Luminosity is increased by 25 times, hydration is increased by 89%.

NovAge Skinergise is not just a set of products, but a grooming routine designed specifically with your skin's needs in mind. Everything you need to start a regular skincare routine - gel toner, eye cream, serum, and moisturizer (day and night) - is there for your convenience. Proven: Combined care is 7 times more effective than single products!

Ten great tips for avoiding premature aging: What else can you do?

Avoid smoking: it can add dullness to your complexion. 

Reduce alcohol consumption: it causes dehydration, which in turn speeds up the appearance of the first signs of aging.

Eat a balanced diet: you have to work on your skin's beauty not only from the outside, but also from the inside

Use a daytime SPF face cream and body lotion on all uncovered skin areas. Whether you're at the beach or in the city, sunscreen will protect against premature photoaging

Get enough sleep! A restorative night's sleep allows skin to recover: natural cell regeneration processes are set in motion, helping to keep skin healthy and beautiful. 

Avoid stress: Stress releases the hormone cortisol, which can destroy collagen and lead to wrinkles

Keeping active: regular exercise is an excellent stress reliever, improves your sleep and helps maintain a healthier-looking skin

Drink plenty of water: Plenty of moisture is vital for skin elasticity. A great reason to pick up the habit after all! Start by carrying a bottle of water with you and take a sip every hour.

Don't forget your face masks: every once in a while your skin needs an extra boost of moisture, so get a tissue or night mask once or twice a week.

Treat yourself to a comprehensive care regime: just two minutes a day with NovAge Skinergise to give you energy, radiance and effective protection against environmental aggression and premature aging.


Why NovAge?

Beautiful, well-groomed, radiant skin at any age and giving you the confidence to look your best - that's what the NovAge ranges of complex care can do, each designed to address a specific skin problem.

1. Created by AgeReflectTM global research 

The birth of NovAge was inspired by the innovative AgeReflectTM skin aging study, which involved 900 women. We looked at 23 skin properties to determine which ones affect the appearance of aging skin. The result was the creation of comprehensive care lines, each designed to address specific skin issues.

2. the basis - plant stem cells

The key to NovAge's effectiveness is its unique ingredients: plant stem cells. Each extract has been tested up to 200 times - and numerous clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of the products.

How do they work? Skin is affected by external and internal aggressors: the environment, age-related changes, lack of care, UV radiation, etc. Under the influence of these aggressors the structure of cells and the intercellular matrix is disturbed, and over time the signs of aging begin to show clearly on the skin. Plant stem cells in each

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