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How do I convince my child to take care of their skin from a young age? How do you choose the right product to help cope with young skin problems? We asked Oriflame partners and mothers of beautiful daughters and this is what we found out.


Olga, you have three beautiful daughters - how different are they?


I always imagined that I would have many children. Even long before the birth of my first child I knew that her name would be Valeria. So when I first saw her wide open eyes, there was no doubt that Lerochka was born. The older daughter is insanely creative, she runs a popular cosplay blog in tiktok Lera Nett, where she reincarnates into different characters. She recently graduated with honors from high school and is preparing for adulthood.


We chose the name Christina for our second daughter - to call her Tina. And from the first days of her life, our baby girl is Tina. She was born on January 1, and we call her our New Year present. And she really gives of herself and her creativity, not only to us, but to everyone around her. She is very athletic. She sings beautifully, since she was born, always and everywhere. She recently performed at a city graduation and dreams of linking her life with singing.


Martha burst into our life as a bright child. From the first days we realized that everything was abruptly changed and filled with the tumultuous activities of an infant. For example, at 10 months she picked up a spoon for the first time and has been eating on her own ever since. No longer allowed to feed herself. Easily gets acquainted and communicates with people everywhere. She is engaged in swimming and attends a drama studio. Loves to draw and often draws her family.


How did you react when the girls started showing interest in cosmetics?


I'll give a simple example from life.



The lesson is this: you should not forbid cosmetics to children, but show them how to use them properly. Each of my daughters has her own personal beauty products: grooming, makeup. I teach them how to properly care for themselves, because natural beauty is first of all, healthy skin, hair, nails, and only then - makeup, styling and nail polish.


What is your secret to successful motherhood?


I think it's important to teach kids in any field to do their best to get results. Give 100% - and get the result they deserve. If the result is not satisfying, develop and give 100% again.


And as a mom, I love my daughters regardless of their results. I am grateful that they chose to be born to me and brought unconditional and endless happiness into my life.



So it's not the children that need to be raised in the first place, it's yourself. Always start with yourself and ask the question - do you do what you teach your children?



Irina, tell us about your beautiful daughter!


A little bit about my daughter Marishka. She is 11, but everyone gives her a couple of years more because of her height - just like when I was a kid. She is drawing in anime style, studying English, trying her hand at modeling and acting, dreaming to go to Japan and also wants to work with me at Oriflame and travel around the world.


Marishka wants to learn Japanese and already communicates with her friends in that language using an interpreter. How they do it is a mystery to me. She is professionally engaged in hip-hop, with the team took first places in various national championships. From the age of 8 she works in a modeling agency, and from 10 she studies in media and film schools, has had time to take part in fashion week, and even starred in a feature film, which is about to be released.


How do you inspire a teenager with such a busy schedule to take care of her skin?

We have a tradition: we go to the bathroom together in the evening to brush our teeth. I do all the facials, she watches and we chat about everything. Observing my grooming, my daughter also wanted her own beauty jars from an early age.


Since the age of 11, she has been asking more and more for "grown-up" cosmetics, like her mom does: "I want too! Mom, let's make a mask together, please! Give me your eye patches".


What kind of cosmetics do you choose for your daughter?


She's starting her teenage years now, and she's getting pimples. In flipping through the catalog, she saw that the Pure Skin line was completely revamped. She already had a few products before, and here she excitedly asked for the entire line, "Mom, I want my own mask, scrub, cleanser, toner!"! Now in anticipation of ordering, so that her shelf will show off its own care cosmetics. Ah, the girls are such girls!


Your advice to young girls: how to grow up happy and brave on the path to your dreams?


If I could give a young child only one piece of advice in a lifetime, I would say the following.


Dream big. Listen to your heart. Walk toward your goal, no matter how difficult.


Make many actions and mistakes, they are what will lead you to results and success. And never give up on your dreams!



Tell us about your family's grooming traditions!


My mother did not teach me to take care of my face. Somehow it was not accepted in our family. I first got into this art when I was 28 and became a brand-partner of Oriflame and now I try to pass it on to my daughters.


Our youngest daughter Pauline is 14 years old. She is very modest and kind, she does

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