Take it and Write it How to Change Your Life with a Pen and a Notebook


An ordinary notebook can do you and your business more good than a laptop and a smartphone. Don't believe it? Try these three writing practices, and you'll be able to solve pressing problems, find extraordinary ideas, and identify the limitations that keep you from achieving better results. Grab a pen and go for it!


To understand yourself and the difficult situation, to dispel doubts, to write a post or a business plan and throw out your emotions will help freeraiting - the practice of writing down everything that comes into your head. Set a timer for 15-20 minutes and record your thoughts. The key is not to stop, think about grammar, or edit. Focus on the process of driving the pen across the paper, and you'll soon notice interesting ideas, reflections, deep feelings that you didn't even know you had. Try making freewriting part of your morning ritual - write right after waking up, when your brain has rebooted and is ready to spew creativity. 



A diary is not just for documenting life events and pouring excruciating experiences onto paper. It can become a tool to improve self-esteem (if you make a list of achievements every night), to evaluate your own productivity (if you write down what you failed to do and why) and to improve your mood (list who and what you want to thank). Also, a diary is a great creative and business development aid. Pick 16 topics related to your business and write about one of them every day. When you get to the end of the list, start over. This way you'll track processes and important areas of work, see progress, and figure out problems. 




You've probably heard about the effectiveness of a hundred wish list before. In fact, you can make lists on a variety of topics, and with their help, you can get to know yourself better, work through projects in detail, and identify your values and beliefs, fears and doubts. Options may be as follows: "100 ways to make money", "100 reasons to learn English," "100 places I would like to visit. Author Kathleen Adams believes that the first 30 points, as a rule, are the ideas that have long swirled in your head. The next 40 points you'll find repetitions and all sorts of cliches, and the last 30 points - the most unusual, creative, and perhaps most appropriate for your situation options. 

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