Summer makeup arrows for the most daring + monomac video guide


OnColour is a story about color, convenience, and modernity. What could be more on-trend than a cool makeup tool that solves several problems at once or replaces several products at once? The new multifunctional 3-in-1 OnColour pencil is just such a tool: it will replace your lipstick, blush and eyeliner pencil.

For starters, this pencil has a very gentle creamy formula - it blends perfectly and doesn't scratch the skin. Agree, this is important. Next, of course, is the color! The 4 juicy shades of exotic fruits are perfect for both daring color solutions, and for creating a super modern mono makeup - when the eyes, lips and cheeks are painted in one shade. It looks harmonious and really refreshes the look. Try it!

Lines can be done in both classic and the most unconventional shapes. Double colored arrows, arrows with a flowing, short lines, strokes, waves, arrows only on the lower eyelid - we suggest a little departure from the usual options and experiment with color. Don't limit your imagination!


So, let's draw!

First of all, prepare the skin of your eyelids. In the case of coloured arrows eyelid primer or concealer are obligatory. Firstly, it's easier to work with a pencil, and secondly, it will prevent the arrow from being imprinted on the eyelid and will maintain its durability in the hot summer weather.


1. Makeup with Vanilla Melon.

If the skin is highlighted with pink, such as blush, it makes your face look fresh and well-groomed with arrows as if it's glowing from within. To draw such arrows, you need to draw a thin line along the growth of the lashes, making it a little thicker to the outer corner of the eye, and then duplicate the top with the same curve. Connect them in a joint ponytail tending towards the temple. The inner corner can be highlighted as desired.


2. Makeup with a touch of Pink Litchi.

Such bright arrows will make even the most banal nude makeup interesting and unusual. A thin line with a "ponytail" drawn on the upper eyelid visually elongates and enlarges the eyes, bringing them closer to the ideal almond shape, making the look more open and open. The dots can be made in any size and can be placed on either the upper or lower eyelid. Try it!

3: Coral Papaya makeup

Not a bright color? Give it some interesting shapes. That's exactly what this makeup is about! Draw a medium-thick line just above the lashline, bringing the inner corner to your nose and the outer corner to your temple. To make the tips thin and pointy, sharpen your pencil well or try a thin brush. Repeat the same line on the fixed eyelid.


4. Makeup with the Honey Guava shade.

You can use this color to draw not only arrows, but also to make a slight smokey eye. This makeup is especially suitable for those who have an open eyelid. Conceal the mobile eyelid, not going beyond the upper crease, and bring the lower lash line underneath. Pay attention - the ponytails have to be in the same direction!

What about mono makeup?

As we said before, a monomakeup is a look for which different areas are painted with the same product. It's fresh and trendy! And in our case, we'll use the OnColour multifunctional 3-in-1 pencil for lips, eyes and cheeks. 

So, watch this video on creating a monomake:


   - Pink and coral shades make the makeup look romantic.

   - Brownish tones will give a touch of tan and make the look sexy.

   - Applying techniques can also be different. You can apply the shades and gently flatten them, or make makeup graphic.

   - Applying techniques can be combined. For example, in the video we flatten the color on the lips and cheeks, and do the eyes with clear lines. This makes the image looks harmonious.

Don't know what shade to choose? Neither do we - because all of these shades are versatile and can fit into everyday makeup. So we recommend trying them all, because bright makeup is one of the top beauty trends of the season. Be bright, be on color, be OnColour!

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