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Applying oils to our hair may seem counterintuitive: after all, we wash our hair to get rid of greasiness! But here's the miracle: instead of messing up the hair, leaving greasy residue, oils restore the hair, making it soft and smooth. That's why they are so loved and appreciated by experts around the world!

Hair Health and Growth 

Hair oils have many benefits, from preventing damage to improving elasticity and strength, which can ultimately lead to hair growth. The benefits are solid! 

How does it work? Oils protect hair from external influences, such as rough brushing or towel drying - in fact, all of these can damage hair follicles. Luckily, oils, depending on their formula, affect your hair differently and have the effect you need. 

"Heavier oils will act on the outer surface of the hair, which will be the first line of defense against external aggressors and even protect it from environmental hazards," says our cosmetic technology specialist Prunel Garrett. 

"While lighter oils can penetrate deeper into the hair structure to improve elasticity and strengthen the hair from the inside out," Garrett says. 

Of course, the reason many people love hair oils is for more than just protecting and speeding up hair growth. They have been known to improve shine, making hair look like it's been done at the salon. Also, they will prolong the durability of styling and perm.


How to choose an oil that is suitable for your hair? 

There are natural oils for any hair problem, but we have a few favorites. If your hair seems dry or damaged and you're dreaming of improving its texture, then something heavier, like the Eleo overnight revitalizing hair oil, is right for you. If your hair is deeply damaged and you want to fix it without changing the texture, then lighter oils like Love Nature Coconut Oil with Wheat Extract or Hot Coconut Oil are made just for you. And also oil can improve the effect of any hair product, for example, shampoo with coconut oil and wheat extract in combination with oils will give even more nutrition and hydration.


When choosing an oil, look for specialized products. Sure you can use coconut oil for everything, but for example, Love Nature anti-dandruff shampoo with natural lemon and mint extracts would be much more effective in fighting dandruff. 

Protective hair oil Eleo can be used to protect hair before styling or to prolong the effect of fresh coloring, while nourishing hair oil Eleo provides hydration and nourishment, gives shine and radiance.


Conditioner or oil - what is the difference? 

Do you need to use hair oil if you're already using conditioner? Actually, they work completely differently: oils are more of a hair treatment, while conditioner is a

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Нежное молочко бережно удаляет загрязнения без воды и защищает деликатную кожу

в области подгузника.

  • На 95% состоит из натуральных ингредиентов и содержит масло шведского овса для питания, смягчения и защиты кожи;
  • Не требует смывания;
  • Гипоаллергенная формула подходит для чувствительный кожи новорождённых. Можно использовать с первых дней жизни;
  • Не содержит отдушек, парабенов, феноксиэтанола и формальдегида;
  • Протестирован под дерматологическим контролем и одобрен педиатрами;
  • Без искусственных консервантов.

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Это бодрящее средство для волос и тела с фруктовым ароматом поможет самым маленьким членам семьи вкусно пахнуть и быть чистыми до скрипа! Насыщенный сочным органическим экстрактом клубники, богатым антиоксидантными свойствами, шампунь помогает мягко защитить и освежить нежную кожу и волосы ребенка. Специальная формула без мыла, без слёз и со сбалансированным pH. Кроме того, шампунь дерматологически протестирован и биоразлагаем. Не содержит парабенов и силиконов. Итак, пусть начнётся пенное веселье!

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