Skin health depends on pH - what's important to know?


A balanced acid-alkaline balance is key to healthy skin and good intimate hygiene. What is pH level, why you should not violate it and how to choose the right products? Our expert Lorna Daly answers.

When the pH of our skin rises and falls dramatically, it can actually break down our natural defense mechanism by inhibiting the microbiome - the microorganisms that live on our skin and protect it. The result is scaling, irritation, hypersensitivity and even a variety of skin conditions. 


What is pH?

It is a unit of measurement of acidity, on a scale of 0 to 14, which indicates whether the skin is acidic (up to 6.9), neutral (7) or alkaline (7.1 and higher). The pH value depends on the concentration of hydrogen ions in the substance-or in the skin's hydro-lipid layer.

What is the pH of our skin?

Normally it is a little less than 5. That is, slightly acidic - but it can range from 3 to 7. So all facial and body cosmetics have an acidic pH, except for specialty products like those for psoriasis.


Does the pH differ in different areas of our body?

Your scalp, hands and feet, face and the rest of your body have different pH levels, which can vary by several units depending on your skin condition. The pH level of the intimate area of women is also lower - about 3.5-4.5. Here it is especially important to use a special product! Ordinary shower gel is too alkaline and can provoke dryness, dysbacteriosis, violation of natural microflora, which lead to thrush, itching and redness. Liquid soap is all the more unsuitable: antibacterial additives kill beneficial lactobacilli. But special products maintain an optimal environment of the intimate area, relieve irritation and deodorize.


The choice of the expert

The updated Feminelle series is designed specifically for the sensitive intimate area and helps maintain the correct pH levels and protect the microbiome. The products are designed to meet the needs of women in different periods of life, approved by dermatologists and gynecologists, suitable for daily use. It contains lactic acid, prebiotics and natural Swedish extracts, and the formula itself is biodegradable.

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