Shaving without irritation in 5 steps


For years, you've been starting your day with a shave, making the usual moves and being confident that your technique is flawless. The new shaving products in your favorite skincare line are a great excuse to turn off autopilot and rethink your routine. We've rounded up the best of the best for each step. Try them out and get the perfect result!

Before we get started, let me remind you that shaving is a huge stressor on the skin. Yes, men's skin recovers much faster due to its higher density compared to women's. Yes, the face adapts to the blades. But a fact is a fact: shaving traumatizes the skin, day after day, by breaking down its natural protective barrier. 

It won't go away by itself! Irritation, dryness, and flakiness will haunt you until you find the perfect products. Your goal is to make it glide more easily, create a protective layer between your skin and your blades, and soothe and accelerate healing after you shave.


Cleanse first - and no excuses!

It sounds corny, but in shaving, lack of preparation is preparation. To failure! It's important to remove dead cells to make the surface of the skin smoother. We recommend NovAge Men wash gel: the exfoliating particles in the formula not only deeply cleanse, but also help in the fight against ingrown hairs. 


Use a sharp razor only

In the 21st century razors are still the most expensive and ridiculously overpriced grooming products. But that doesn't mean you can shave with just one blade until it's rusty. A blunt razor pulls hairs even though it is supposed to gently shorten them. The irritation and inflammation is guaranteed!


Throw the razor away mercilessly if it's blunted even a little. Rinse with warm water during and after you shave, and that'll give you more longevity. 


Do it!

Even if you're tired or in a big hurry, don't rely on a soapy loom and apply your favorite shaving gel. Our favorite is the new product from NovAge. The gel with Razor Glide technology forms a protective microfilm of water-soluble polymers, allowing your razor to glide over your skin without cutting or irritation.  


Shaving against hair growth is not more effective, but more painful and traumatic. Except that the direction can be different even on the same area of your face - on your cheek, for example. You can easily identify it if you leave the stubble alone for at least a few days. You can even make a map so you don't forget!

Don't push the machine - it will break the manufacturer's intended angle at which the blade touches the skin. The hairs will not be cut to the root, and the skin will get unnecessary damage. Stop after you've done a couple of things: if there's more than one blade, it's almost as if you've gone over the same spot a dozen times. 


Don't rush to leave the bathroom.

When you're done shaving, it's time to start taking care of your skin. And use our soothing NovAge aftershave cream-gel for 24 hours of hydration to calm and energize your skin and prevent dryness, flakiness and speed of regeneration. Even if you occasionally leave a light stubble or beard, this product is good for you: the gel takes care of the hairs, making them softer and giving them a healthy, well-groomed look. 


Now that's it! Just apply the rest of the NovAge holistic care products, and you're ready to face the new day with fresh, healthy and protected skin.

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