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Scandinavian girls are famous for their holistic approach to beauty. They take care of their skin not only with makeup, they don't try to change their face with makeup, and they dress simply but stylishly. Intrigued? Find out what you should learn from Nordic beauties.


Grooming: beauty inside and out

Nutrition, physical activity, skin care and inner state are almost inseparable for Nordic women. They take a holistic approach to beauty, which becomes a way of life. 


Instead of going to the gym, Swedish women simply incorporate activity into their daily routine. They commute to work by bike, meet their girlfriends in the park and not over coffee and croissants at the nearest coffee shop. The result is vivacity, great feeling, and a blooming complexion. And no worries about overdue membership!



In care prefer minimalism and functionality, saturating the skin not only from the inside but also from the outside. Protein, fiber, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and a lot of water: this is the formula for a healthy Scandinavian diet. But even with the most balanced diet, it's hard to get all the vitamins and minerals you need. Scandinavian girls know this and take supplements every day - not when their skin is all flaky and their immune system is on the fritz.



Makeup: moderation in trends

Scandinavian girls love moderate makeup, but can experiment with trends - and not blindly following them, but choosing something that will accentuate your natural beauty.




If you're not ready to give up your eye makeup and go for low-key makeup, try some of Sweden's favorite color-inspired makeup solutions like pairing eye shadow to accentuate the depth and richness of your eyes: 


     For brown eyes, go for eyeshadow with a blue pigment: blue, purple, and mauve. 


     For green eyes, look for any shade with a hint of red in it: from sensible pink to burgundy and brown. 

     Blue-eyed girls should opt for natural shades: beige, brown and gold. Orange colors are also safe to try. 

     For gray eyes suit neutral, but expressive shades. These are black, dark brown, silver and muted purple.


Style: minimalism and comfort


The Scandinavian style can be described in three words: functional, concise, comfortable. The main closet trends in a Scandinavian way:


     ● Minimalism. Scandinavian girls prefer a simple silhouette and cut, calm tones, monochrome fabrics, and if the print is only classical (stripes, checkers, polka dots). It is a very functional closet, all things are combined with each other.

     Practicality. The clothes of a Scandinavian girl corresponds to her active way of life, which we have mentioned above; they are made of high quality natural fabrics and are durable. Worn in several thin layers, which is very relevant for the cold and changeable weather.

     Accessories. The closet itself is basic and concise, so set the mood of the image with the accessories. Your favorite Norrsken brand has collections of Everyday and Festive jewelry for special occasions to match the right look.

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