3 bold looks from Irina Mitroshkina


Star makeup artist Irina Mitroshkina knows like no other what makeup to choose for a special occasion. Try to repeat three simple looks where the main star is the new mascara with the cat's eye effect THE ONE Tremendous.

Makeup with flared arrows



Arrows are an all-time classic. Try a more on-trend version with blurred arrows to match THE ONE Tremendous Cat Eye Mascara.

1. 1. apply THE ONE EVERLASTING SYNC ADAPTIVE TONING BASIC. Apply the product with the silicon side of the sponge and blend it gently.


2. Apply THE ONE BROWN SHADOW to create your favourite eyebrow shape. Using light strokes, fill in first the ponytail and then the entire brow. Make sure to brush the hairs together to blend them out. 3.


3. foundation has taken the natural volume out of your face. To restore dramatic expression to your features, use THE ONE CONTOURING PALETTE. Scoop a small amount of product onto the CONTURING TOOL and smooth out your cheekbones, the shape of your face and the contour of your forehead.

4. Use THE ONE'S EYE PRIMER as a base for your arrows. It's flesh-coloured, so it's perfect as a makeup base.


5. Apply a MATE shade of NEUTRAL shade MATE shadow using a BLUE FACE all over the mobile eyelid. The base nude shade will even out your skin tone and makeup will last longer.


6. Let's get down to the fun part: the arrows! Take THE ONE HIGH IMPACT BLACK Eyeliner, trace between the eye lashes for extra depth and trace a line around the eye contour. The thickness of the arrow at the inner corner of the eye should be minimal. The arrow should be wider and more active on the outer corner of the eye, and the tip of the arrow should extend upwards, visually extending the lash line. A LIFTED TOE will help you distribute the product evenly and create the shape you want. 

7. Lightly flatten the upper contour of your arrow with THE ONE'S charcoal-black shade of eye shadow. 

8. Apply THE ONE TREMENDOUS COAT-EFFECT Mascara: An hourglass-shaped brush gives super volume and a curve to your look. Brush should not be vertical but diagonal to the temple. It should have a rounded tip to give extra definition to your lashes in the eye corners.


9. Enhance your lips with THE ONE COLOUR STYLIST ULTIMATE 5-in-1 Lipstick in a nude shade. For precise application use the TOUCH.



Color Insta-Makeup.




Colored tuxedos are a fresh take on a classic. To create a languid feline look like Instagram stars, we need lush, long lashes.


1. Repeat the first steps as in the previous makeup: apply a tone, accentuate the eyebrows and do a light contouring.


2. Apply a MATE BLUE tint to the entire mobile eyelid.


3. accentuate it with a GREEN MATE shade: start at the inner corner of the eye and draw it back towards the temples to achieve the desired effect.


4. 4. for a luminous effect, apply THE ONE ILLUSKIN LIQUID HIGHLIFTER in the corners of your eyes and under the eyebrow.


5. Finishing: Apply THE ONE TREMENDOUS FACE EFFECT mascara. In the corners of the eyes we paint the lashes several times. The heartshaped fibers add extra lengthening to the lashes and the microfibers in the formula create extreme volume.


6. Since the focus of the makeup is on the eyes, I'm going to use THE ONE STILL LIP BLUE in a neutral shade on the lips.

Lip Lip Accent Makeup




The "cat look" is as easy as using mascara alone: Just keep your lashes properly lined. THE ONE TREMENDOUS FATAL LOOK Mascara gives you a trendy look thanks to its special shape and volume formula.


1. 1. repeat steps of the first makeup: apply foundation, highlight eyebrows, add light contouring.


2. Add blush to the apples of your cheeks to give your face a fresh look. I like THE ONE MAKE-UP PRO blush in a peachy shade.


3. apply THE ONE ILLUSKIN liquid HYLIFIER to the protruding parts of your face. It may also be applied to the collarbones and shoulders if they are exposed. 4.


Apply THE ONE TREMENDOUS FACE EFFECT mascara thoroughly. Your strokes should be from the growth line diagonally upwards, from the bridge of the nose to the temples. If you dense the roots, you will get an eyeliner effect.


5. Moving on to the lips. Accentuate the tick above the upper lip with a liquid highlighter.


6. Apply lip liner to the natural lip shade or slightly over it to visually enlarge the lips. For an evening look with an accent on the lips I suggest THE ONE LIP RENDER IN WINNING TINT.


7. Lighten your lipstick up to create a voluminous look with our 5-in-1 THE ONE COLOUR STYLIST ULTIMATE LIP PACKAGE in a MALINE shade.


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