Wash your hands right!


The World Health Organization says that normal hand washing is one of the surest ways to protect against infection. Simple rules of hygiene will help you stay healthy. Read our instructions, repeat them and take care of yourself. 

How does soap protect against bacteria?

Every time you touch objects and surfaces, thousands of germs remain on your hands and cling to the sebum produced by your sebaceous glands. If they are not removed from the skin in time, they can penetrate the body - for example, with food. 


Soap molecules have the ability to capture both water and sebum particles at the same time and bind them together. So when we lather up the soap on the surface of the skin and rinse it off, it removes the grease particles with all the bacteria and viruses. Thus, normal hand washing with soap is almost the most effective way to protect yourself from diseases. 


How to choose soap?

Soap alone does not kill germs, so you do not need to look for the label "antibacterial" on the package. Any soap that you like by its color and aroma is good for good hygiene; it has nothing to do with special ingredients, but with the principle of the product's action. It is better to use lumpy soap: bacteria do not live on its surface.




How to wash your hands correctly?


WHO instructions consist of 12 steps, the duration of the procedure is 40-60 seconds. Look at the pictures and repeat!


1. Wet your hands with water.

2. Take enough soap to cover the entire surface of your hands.

3. Rub one palm on the other.

4. Use your right palm to rub the back of your left hand, interlacing your fingers, and vice versa.


5. Rub one palm against the other, intertwining fingers.

6. Interlock your fingers and rub the palm of your other hand with the back of your bent fingers.

7. Wrap your left thumb with the right palm and rub it in a circular motion, switch hands.

8. In a circular motion back and forth with closed fingers of the right hand, rub the left palm, changing hands.


9. Rinse your hands with water.

10. Wipe your hands thoroughly with a disposable wipe.

11. Use the napkin to close the faucet.

12. your hands are now safe.

Wash your hands after using the toilet, after going outside, before eating and touching your face, after contact with animals and any surfaces outside the house.

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