Unmasking preparation for an important event in two weeks


Every girl wants to celebrate the New Year fully armed. In order to avoid having to take off your personal protective mask and hide behind a carnival mask during the whole holiday, pay attention to facial care. Follow our December calendar of beauty rituals and admire your beautiful and radiant skin on New Year's Eve.  



Step 1: The holistic solution

Take a close look in the mirror. How does your skin look? Are you completely happy with it? Or are there any imperfections you'd like to tweak? Your skincare smorgasbord is the NovAge brand, where you can easily find a line to address your specific skin concerns. If daily skin care hasn't yet become a regular part of your routine, this item is for you.



Wrinkles have become noticeable? We recommend NovAge Ecollagen Wrinkle Power, Oriflame's bestseller. Contains innovative anti-age ingredients with proven efficacy: peptides, low-molecular hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells, marine prebiotic and niacinamide. Wrinkles are smoothed out up to 49% after the first use, and a month of regular care can achieve truly impressive results in the fight against wrinkles. 


Step 2: Cleanse

The fatigue of a year's worth of product takes its toll on the skin, leaving it dull and rough, and cell turnover slows. Now's the time for a deep cleansing! Give your skin time to renew itself 4 weeks before the holidays and give it a healthy, even tone and a soft, smooth texture. 


We recommend the NovAge two-phase peel. This highly effective skin renewal program with glycolic and lactic acids improves skin texture, evens out skin tone and makes imperfections less noticeable.




Step 3: just add water

Healthy skin means moisturized skin. It's important to drink enough water: 1.5 liters a day is not only hydration, but also cleansing. Only pure water can cleanse our cells of toxins. A couple of weeks before the holiday, it is better to reduce the consumption of caffeine, which dehydrates our skin. 



Want to do more for your skin, but no time? Check out Aqua Glow beauty drink with Ceramosides technology and lingonberry extract, which enhances comprehensive care: the skin becomes more moisturized, beautiful and as if glowing from within! 




Step 4: It's all about the mask

A week before New Year's Eve, it's time to start doing some serious preparations. Masks are justly considered one of the most effective products for intensive home care. Try our secret trick - a week-long course of NovAge tissue masks. A formula based on plant stem cell extract and Moisture-Boosting Complex neutralizes free radicals, protecting the skin from oxidative stress, strengthens the natural lipid barrier and cares for the skin, returning a healthy glow and youthfulness. After this course, a perfect complexion is guaranteed. 




Step 5: overnight magic

Express treatments give maximum effect with minimum effort. The key to success is the active ingredients that work in a flash. Treat your skin to a nightly NovAge treatment the night before the party. Use it as the final step in your evening treatment: it reinforces serum and cream, moisturizes and nourishes your skin perfectly. Exotic Inca Inchi and Cupuassu oils soothe and regenerate your skin and hyaluronic acid gives you vital moisture. 




The eye is a diamond!

Holiday makeup time is approaching. To smooth out fine lines in the lower eyelid area and even out skin tone, use an eye cream from your favorite NovAge line. All of the brand's eye creams contain nourishing, moisturizing ingredients that nourish and moisturize delicate skin. And they're packed with light-reflecting particles that can instantly brighten up your eyes, even if you've taken time out of your day to relax. 

Our tip: Use eye cream with an eye massager to improve circulation and reduce puffiness.


So that's the end of our December beauty marathon. We hope that the result will be a great incentive for further comprehensive care. Beautiful skin is as beautiful as an expensive evening gown - and will stay with you when the New Year's Eve is over. Happy upcoming holidays!

Stay in touch and stay tuned for the latest Oriflame news.


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Это бодрящее средство для волос и тела с фруктовым ароматом поможет самым маленьким членам семьи вкусно пахнуть и быть чистыми до скрипа! Насыщенный сочным органическим экстрактом яблока, богатым антиоксидантными свойствами, шампунь помогает мягко защитить и освежить нежную кожу и волосы ребенка. Специальная формула без мыла, без слёз и со сбалансированным pH. Кроме того, шампунь дерматологически протестирован и биоразлагаем. Не содержит парабенов и силиконов. Итак, пусть начнётся пенное веселье!

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Нежное молочко бережно удаляет загрязнения без воды и защищает деликатную кожу

в области подгузника.

  • На 95% состоит из натуральных ингредиентов и содержит масло шведского овса для питания, смягчения и защиты кожи;
  • Не требует смывания;
  • Гипоаллергенная формула подходит для чувствительный кожи новорождённых. Можно использовать с первых дней жизни;
  • Не содержит отдушек, парабенов, феноксиэтанола и формальдегида;
  • Протестирован под дерматологическим контролем и одобрен педиатрами;
  • Без искусственных консервантов.

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